Thursday, June 4, 2009

The ninth state in the 21st century...

is doing pretty freaking well.

Check out their website!

It looks like Mark Zuckerburg or those dopes that designed twitter designed this website. Obviously the great state of New Hampshire is not faltering when it comes to technology. I'm sure Ohio is. Ohio sounds like a state that would not maintain a good website.

With these developments, and the fact that New Hampshire has no income or sales tax (fees if you will), I'm going to start calling New Hampshire the Google of All States!

Congratulations New Hampshire! You should put this pull quote on your awesome website:

"New Hampshire is the google of the United States"
-The Year of the Blog

And that is something... I have yet to decide which state is the Microsoft of the united states, but I'm going to shit on it when I find it.


New Hampsire... slowly killing the Republican party...

I totally forgot, but I did know this. New Hampshire always votes for John McCain when they want a republican. They did it in the 2000 primaries, they did it in the 2008 primaries... and I'm pretty sure they did it when John McCain ran for high school class president. THEY LOVE JOHN MCCAIN!

Now... I love this about New Hampshire for a variety of reasons... first off John McCain has proven to be unelectable and they keep trying to elect him anyway... second off I love that John McCain knows it and loves it. I remember thinking how crazy he was after Iowa for saying "don't worry, New Hampshire is next." But because of their devotion to McCain I believe they are slowly but surely always voting for republicans who won't win (i.e. the one's I have some sort of respect for) and deteriorating the party from the inside.

Also, President Bartlet is from New Hampshire, and we all know he's a stone faced Republican killer.

New Hampshire has a Twitter?!!


Oh my God... I did not see that coming. I didn't know that these days States are getting twitter accounts. This may have revolutionized the way that I view The United States and furthermore, the way I view the internet. Do other states or provinces have twitter accounts? Like could I see what Quebec was up to if I went there... Oh my God this is blowing my mind you guys.

You can follow the Granite State (another thing I now know about New Hampshire) on Twitter at

Here are some of the highlights from their twitter:

"@thecmannh thanks for the shout-outs!" -- thecmannh must be beside himself. He just communicated with The Granite state.

"Come see why our wine & cheese trails just received a “Best of NH 2009” Award for Foodie Trail by NH Magazine" -- I hope the award it won was "Best Wine and Cheese Trail in New Hampshire." Based solely on this post I don't think that this is too far off.

"White Mountains Map & Guide is 100% grown, designed & printed in NH. Check out the online version here and go visit!" -- Having this online... doesn't that negate the first part of the tweet?

I'm still reeling guys that a state has a twitter account. Tweet free or Die!

Live Free or Die

That's New Hampshire's state motto. Live Free or Die.

That's a pretty strict comment.

I'm assuming this motto was clutch when they were voting on whether or not to allow gay marriage. I'm assuming the debate went a little like this:

Anti Gay Marriage Senator: We can't let gays marry.
Pro Gay Marriage Senator #1: We, the residents of New Hampshire, have to stick together.
Pro Gay Marriage Senator #2: And we must follow our motto!
Pro Gay Marriage Senator #1: As a state we must all live free, or we must all die!
Anti Gay Marriage Senator: You're right... I forgot that in New Hampshire there were only those two options...