Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Hampsire... slowly killing the Republican party...

I totally forgot, but I did know this. New Hampshire always votes for John McCain when they want a republican. They did it in the 2000 primaries, they did it in the 2008 primaries... and I'm pretty sure they did it when John McCain ran for high school class president. THEY LOVE JOHN MCCAIN!

Now... I love this about New Hampshire for a variety of reasons... first off John McCain has proven to be unelectable and they keep trying to elect him anyway... second off I love that John McCain knows it and loves it. I remember thinking how crazy he was after Iowa for saying "don't worry, New Hampshire is next." But because of their devotion to McCain I believe they are slowly but surely always voting for republicans who won't win (i.e. the one's I have some sort of respect for) and deteriorating the party from the inside.

Also, President Bartlet is from New Hampshire, and we all know he's a stone faced Republican killer.

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