Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Hampshire has a Twitter?!!


Oh my God... I did not see that coming. I didn't know that these days States are getting twitter accounts. This may have revolutionized the way that I view The United States and furthermore, the way I view the internet. Do other states or provinces have twitter accounts? Like could I see what Quebec was up to if I went there... Oh my God this is blowing my mind you guys.

You can follow the Granite State (another thing I now know about New Hampshire) on Twitter at

Here are some of the highlights from their twitter:

"@thecmannh thanks for the shout-outs!" -- thecmannh must be beside himself. He just communicated with The Granite state.

"Come see why our wine & cheese trails just received a “Best of NH 2009” Award for Foodie Trail by NH Magazine" -- I hope the award it won was "Best Wine and Cheese Trail in New Hampshire." Based solely on this post I don't think that this is too far off.

"White Mountains Map & Guide is 100% grown, designed & printed in NH. Check out the online version here and go visit!" -- Having this online... doesn't that negate the first part of the tweet?

I'm still reeling guys that a state has a twitter account. Tweet free or Die!

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