Thursday, June 4, 2009

The ninth state in the 21st century...

is doing pretty freaking well.

Check out their website!

It looks like Mark Zuckerburg or those dopes that designed twitter designed this website. Obviously the great state of New Hampshire is not faltering when it comes to technology. I'm sure Ohio is. Ohio sounds like a state that would not maintain a good website.

With these developments, and the fact that New Hampshire has no income or sales tax (fees if you will), I'm going to start calling New Hampshire the Google of All States!

Congratulations New Hampshire! You should put this pull quote on your awesome website:

"New Hampshire is the google of the United States"
-The Year of the Blog

And that is something... I have yet to decide which state is the Microsoft of the united states, but I'm going to shit on it when I find it.


1 comment:

  1. lol great stuff. unlike facebook, new hampshire actually makes money! haha. with this website they will actually bring people to spend money on their product (tourism).

    good point about their website, they got it goin with this web 2.0 stuff. some ad agency in southern new hampshire did this for them is my guess

    other things about new hampshire -- you can only buy bottled hard liquor at state liquor stores. i think there are 7 of them in the whole state.

    oh yeah and the white mountains are beautiful. and many other things :)